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For just $35 a month, you can make a lasting difference in your community. Join our monthly donor club and become a member of our Super Baby Society!

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Healthy babies thrive when they are surrounded by care and raised in a safe and healthy home. Our moms want what is best for their babies, but many are facing at-risk pregnancies or are struggling to support their family on a low income. Step By Step comes alongside these women to encourage and support them as they take positive steps towards their goal of delivering a healthy baby, embracing positive parenting and establishing a safe home.

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Our moms face a myriad of challenges on an everyday basis. Many struggle to prepare and provide for their babies.

  • What your monthly support provides:
  • One-on-One Mentorship
  • Emergency Housing
  • Scholarship opportunities
  • Food Baskets
  • Transportation for moms working or in school
  • Vital needs such as diapers & baby wipes
    ...And more!



Sometimes, a simple helping hand or a kind word of encouragement can mean the difference between a mom feeling alone and discouraged and a mom who feels empowered and determined. We are looking for new and meaningful ways for you to support and encourage the moms and babies we serve.

As a member, you will receive updates and photos of moms and babies whose lives you have touched. You also have the opportunity to participate in unique ways to directly encourage and support our clients such as writing a card, sending flowers, or providing a “Welcome Home” package for a new mom and baby.

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Go Above And Beyond - Be a Superhero Today!

Small Acts Making Big Differences

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Send Flowers

Send flowers to a mom
on bed rest or in the hospital.

Send a Card

Send an encouraging note.

Send a Gift

Purchase a Welcome Home Package
or vital needs gift for a mom and baby.